Welcome to Sharcott Farm, home of Exmoor Blueberries!


Welcome to our farm, Exmoor’s first and only blueberry farm which produced its first harvest in 2009. Located in Exford, the heart of Exmoor, the farm is surrounded by beautiful countryside and is a haven for wildlife such as wild bees, butterflies, red deer, roe deer, kestrels and sparrow hawks.

 Our blueberries are grown in the cleanest air and water in England enhancing their taste and freshness. We farm as organically as we can, using no insecticides and only organic slug pellets. During bumble bee season, we alternate mowing to leave what we call "bumble bee strips" which also encourages butterflies, grasshoppers and crickets. The frogs, lizards, insect and seed eating birds and hawks (for the naughty birds!) seem to be providing a good robust balance now (2014).

Our fields are a pleasure to be in, and we like the richness and wholesomeness of the organic way of farming. We do not yet have organic status but hope to be able to get into the formal conversion process by the end of this year. UPDATE: No fertiliser used now for 3 years. No insecticide EVER used. Last foliar feed (to build plant strength against fungus) was 2012. Diversity in field now so great, the plants are looking healthier than they EVER have – we've let nature do the work entirely now for the last 2 years. (Look up Soil Food Web, Dr. Elaine Ingam for some insight).
Our farm grows a large variety of blueberries including Duke, Patriot, Bluecrop, Toro, Reka, Chandler, Brigitta, Nui and Ozark Blue. 

Blueberries are available from sometime (when ripe!) in August until roughly the end of September and members of the public are welcome – nay encouraged! –  to ‘pick your own’.  For those who don't want to do the work (!) we can also arrange for orders to be ready for collection if you telephone us with a day's notice.

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